To the northeast of the village, the road is heavily cut into the rocks of gray granite. The slope is large and there you can hear the rumble of falling water.

"Skok" or "Shtrokaloto" - this is the name of the nearest place of interest from the center of the village - the picturesque 24-meter high waterfall.

Close to it the small river Klinetsa winds and divides the village into eastern and western part.

There, during the Ottoman slavery, a wealthy man of Dobarsko threw himself on the sharp rocks to get rid of his inhuman pains. Several times robbers came to his home to ask him money. To save himself and his family, he gave them everything. The last time the robbers came they did not believe that he had nothing to give them anymore and they put him to a frantic torture. Finally they put on his neck a red-hot trivet. The wretch fellow could not stand it anymore and jumped into the precipice.